With the virus ravaging the whole world, you need to keep indoors, minimize contact and wear a mask to avoid infection. Prolonged periods indoors however might bring about boredom hence it is wise to engage in activities that can kill boredom. These ten activities are fun to engage in:

Read On Popular Websites

There are numerous websites online that provide entertaining ways to ask questions and learn. These sites include; Quora, Medium, Reddit and Yahoo Answers. Quora and Medium have especially had a massive boost in users since the beginning of the pandemic due to the informative content submitted by users. There are even professionals in every field that can provide tailored solutions to your problems or questions in these sites. Also here you can find collections etc online reviews.

General Cleaning

Use this period to turn your house inside out and clean every part to purge those never-ending odours prevalent in many homes. Clean the curtains, all your laundry, windows, remove the cobwebs and clean out all rugs in your house. If you need to replace some of your utensils, then you can read some online shops reviews to decide which are the best to purchase.


Netflix, the most popular online streaming service in the world at 183 million subscribers is one of the best there is. With 13,900 titles in its database, it’s a sure way to get busy during your stay indoors. The best part is, Netflix uses top tier recommendation algorithms to help you explore your tastes. It hosts award-winning shows like Lucifer, Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries which are bound to keep you entertained during your long stay inside.

Try Freelancing

For those days you feel productive, freelancing is the way to go. With remote working being popularized and encouraged globally, it is prudent to try to find a way to earn online using your skillset. Upwork, Freelancer or Ndash are some of the companies helping people earn remotely using their skills.

For Online Courses

If there is a course you have always wanted to learn, you can at any of the numerous online academies like Udemy at very low costs. You will then learn at your own pace and get a certificate upon completion. Some sites like Chegg offer tutors to help you in difficult areas of your course.

Even better, Udemy offers a lot of free courses for people who want to learn but have little finances.

YouTube Tutorials

Youtube offers an inexpensive way to learn new skills or courses. There are numerous tutorials on youtube that explain topics deeply, thus giving you a chance to learn without paying expensively.

Organize Your Files

It is wise to use this time to arrange your books, papers, files and keep everything orderly for easy retrieval. Also, you should embark on organising your online files, photos and websites if you own some. Backup all your passwords somewhere safe offline so that you can retrieve the copy once you forget any password.

Call Relatives

This is a period of distress hence it is prudent to call your relatives to inform them of your wellbeing and know their status as well. Alternatively, keep your closest contacts on the emergency calls in case you need assistance.

Update Resume/Portfolio/Cover Letter

This is a perfect time to update your resume and polish up on your interview skills. If you have been retrenched during the pandemic, this is the time to start job hunting. Get your documents in order and apply for jobs using various online recruitment platforms.

Learn A Magic Trick

Youtube contains hundreds of tutorials teaching people how to perform the popular tricks shown on Tv. This will be beneficial to you especially during interactions with people. Tricks can help ease the mood during business deals or when dating.