This is the era of sustainability and the world is finally recognizing the need for a change. Our usual means of production, consumption, and disposal are doing more harm than good to the environment. This poses a great challenge for us and the future generation. 

If you’re equally concerned about the environment, then you’d want to embrace a lifestyle that incorporates the change you desire. Luckily, it’s become easy to implement environmentally friendly practices. 

Here are some helpful tips that can legitimately transform your home into a more eco-friendly space. 

  • 5 eco-friendly home decor practices to create a more sustainable space

  • Quality over quantity

When it comes to sustainability, you want to buy fewer pieces. Buying only items made from high-quality materials is a guarantee that they’ll stand the test of time. Changing trends in the home decor industry usually encourage you to spend more on aesthetics. 

Stuck in this cycle, you’ll end up buying more and more decorative items to replace those that are no longer in vogue. Of course, this habit will take a toll on your purse plus it’s not at all eco-friendly. It’s time to let go of the disposable culture – quality wins all the time. 

  • Buy environmentally friendly materials

It’s not enough to only invest in quality, durable pieces, you have to ensure that the materials used to produce them are also sustainably sourced. You already know that wood is one of the most sustainable materials out there. 

There are many producers and artisans devoted to creating pieces that contribute favorably to the environment. Visit to shop for your home decor items. 

  • Incorporate more greenery

Plants are inexpensive decorations that can bring life to any space. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they help with air circulation and purification. While artificial plants can elevate the look of your home, they lack the eco-friendly character that’s required for sustainable living. 

Get palms, chrysanthemums, ferns, and other house plants that add a fresh scent and help to purify the home. Natural accents like citrus and holly would also create special effects during the holiday season.

  • Install eco-friendly lighting

Lighting is an essential component of home design and another area where you need to go green. Green bulbs are a healthier alternative to incandescent bulbs – they use up less energy, thus contributing favorably to the environment. 

Take LEDs for example. LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and do not contain mercury vapor and other toxic materials. Maximizing the natural lighting in your home can also reduce your need for artificial lighting. 

  • Recycle and donate

This isn’t a decorating tip but it’s such a good habit to embrace. Why store a bunch of items that you don’t need in your home when they could be of use to someone else? Recycling is more sustainable than throwing your stuff into a dumpster. 

Transferring the value of such items by donating is also a good way to give back to the community.