What you need to know about commercial real estate

Becoming a landlord is not something that any person can do. Landlords face a lot of challenges, especially in buying property. An individual ought to be careful when purchasing a property to ensure that it will not make them huge losses. Well, losses are unavoidable in any business. However, people in the real estate business can control the number of losses they make by purchasing the right property. According to Steven Taylor Taylor Equities, people ought to know plenty of things before choosing to become landlords.

Condition of the property

The condition of the property is the most important thing to note when buying a commercial property. Steven Taylor Taylor Equities points out that a property that requires a lot of repairs might end up causing the landlord a lot of losses. For instance, if the building is more than 15 years old, there is nothing much that can be done by repairs. Soon enough, the property might not be habitable regardless of the number of repairs done. Therefore, a landlord needs to ensure that the property is in good condition. However, redevelopment enables people to buy an older property and turn it into new buildings. This has been a common trend that most landlords are opting into instead of buying a new property. When buying a property in the real estate market, don’t just do it online. Visit the site to catch a glimpse of the building’s condition. As a result, you will not end up buying something that will bring you losses.


The neighborhood in which the property is located is one of the main factors that determines its worth. You do not want to pay a lot of money to purchase a property located in an unsafe location. Once you have become the landlord of such property, it might be challenging to get people to live there. In the long run, you will make huge losses. Therefore, it is best to ask around to know more about the community. It is the wish of every individual to live in a building where they feel safe. If the neighborhood is not secure, you might want to charge less for you to get clients.

Future of the community

Landlords aim to make as many profits as possible from the property. Some communities might be on their way up while others might be going downhill. If you buy a property from an area that is coming up, the chances are high that you will not make losses from the building. If you buy in a community, you should expect to make losses due to the absence of people who prefer to live in such an area. Many people wish to live in areas undergoing development and with the hope of granting a better future.

If you plan to purchase a commercial property, you need to put these factors into consideration. Otherwise, you might end up exiting the business as soon as you enter. All you have …

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3 Reasons to Use Spray Insulation

When thinking about how best to insulate your home during a new build, remodel, or update, there can be an overwhelming number of choices. However, installing spray foam insulation with a reputable company gives you the best bang for your buck and offers a number of benefits that will keep and your home feeling warm for years to come.

1. Holds Higher R-Value Rating

You may be asking: what is an R-value? Simply put, an R-value measures the resistance to the flow of heat. In other words, the higher your R-value, the better the insulation per inch of thickness. Spray foam has a high R-value rating, which means you’ll need less insulation to keep your home at a constant temperature than other insulation with a lower R-rating. While high R-rating insulation can be more expensive upfront, having insulation contractors Maryland install spray foam will save you in the long run as your home becomes the ultimate in heat efficiency.

2. Seals Up Air Leaks

Spray foam insulation is also able to insulate in smaller spaces in your home than traditional insulation. Gaps and air leaks in your insulation can cause energy to be lost in your home’s heating system. Spray foam insulation can be installed into the nooks and crannies of your home and creates a tight seal preventing not only hot or cold air from entering your home but vapor and moisture as well.

3. Lowers Your Bill

One place you’ll be able to see all this increased efficiency in your insulation is in your heating bills. Due to the diminished loss of heat, your home will require less input from your heating systems and you’ll be able to save during those chilly, and costly, winter months!

The reasons to invest in spray foam insulation for your home are compelling, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of spray foam insulation in your home, and in your pocketbook or wallet, for years to come.…

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home

Building a custom home is the dream of many people here in The Bay Area, but they often end up purchasing a pre-built home because of the scarcity of buildable lots and the perceived cost of having one built to their personal specifications. There’s nothing like designing your own home as you can include anything you like such as inlaid hardwood floors, granite countertops, a sunroom, custom cabinetry, swimming pool, games room, rec room, wet bar, three-car garage and so on. 

There’s no question it will cost a considerable amount of money, but a custom home could be less expensive than many people think. If you work with the right contractor, they can make everything go much smoother.  We hired a design build contractor in The Bay Area who handled all aspects of the project for us.

Custom Home Costs

Like most other things, the cost of building your own home will depend on several factors, with location being one of the major ones. In general, a custom home will cost approximately 75 to 100 percent more than pre-built units do in the same residential area. In addition, you’ll also need to consider the cost of the land. In most areas, the average custom-built dwelling will cost between $200 and $400 per square foot if it’s built with Grade A materials. Therefore, a 3,000 square-foot home could come in between $600,000 and $1.2 million.

But on the other hand, if you’re interested in building a more modest home in a lower-cost location you may be able to do it for as low as approximately $100 per square foot, which would be half the price. This would enable you to construct a 3,000 square-foot house for about $300,000 plus the cost of the land and furnishings for the home. You’re probably wondering what exactly is included in these costs. Well, this price generally covers the standard preparation of the site such as the foundation, materials, labour and utilities, but doesn’t include loan fees and design plans if any are needed.

Along with the size of the building, the overall cost will also depend on how complex the plans are as well as the quality of materials you plan on using. You can always cut down the cost by using lower grade materials if you choose and of course you can add to the price if you want everything to be top of the line. In addition, if you plan on hiring an architect to help design the home you’ll find they typically charge anywhere between two and 15 percent of the total building cost. However, most architects will also be on hand during the construction to make sure everything is going to plan.

Get a Professional Estimate

It’s generally recommended to have an architect look over any plans you have to make sure they adhere to the local building codes, all make sense, and can be built on the lot you have. You also need to inquire about building permits and …

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Why Hire Professional Residential Cleaning Services?

With today’s busy schedules, it’s virtually impossible to clean up every day. For this reason, residential cleaning companies are priceless to any family that values a clean and fresh smelling home. Such experts allow you to have a nice time with a loved one or friends. You can sit back and recline as they do everything possible to restore the sparkle in your home. There are various cleaning companies, and there are numerous reasons to hire one for your home.


  1. Flexibility


Hiring a professional residential cleaning company comes with numerous benefits. If you have some visitors coming to your home, you don’t have to run up and down, scrubbing and dusting your surfaces. Many cleaning experts can save you the trouble. Most of them are available anytime, and you can contact them at whatever time of the day. What’s more? If you’re uncomfortable having cleaning experts while not at home, they can undertake the task at night when you’re at home.


  1. Safe cleaning products


Some cleaning products can be harsh to your furniture and other fittings in the home. With a residential cleaning from, this shouldn’t bother you. They are professionals who understand the different types of cleaning products, their uses, pros, and cons. Cleaning service Denver will get rid of any stubborn stains on your carpets and floors. They know the safest cleaning agents to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all family members.


  1. Saves time


Let’s face it. If you have kids in your home, cleaning can be one daunting task. Form scrubbing the floors, walls to beautifying the patio; the list is an endless one. Although you can assign your loved ones to help out, this may take longer to achieve the desired results. However, hiring the right cleaning firm will save you a lot of time. They have the right expertise and tools t accomplish the task within the shortest time possible.


  1. Expertise


Residential cleaning companies comprise of a skilled team of professionals. They have experience handling various cleaning tasks and know how to handle different cleaning tasks in the home. They clean with care and can leave your home sparkling without breaking anything in the home. They also use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment to reach the far ends and under beds. With such experts, you can be sure of a clean home, both in the interiors and exteriors.


  1. Licensing& Insurance


Cleaning companies are certified and have the right cover to cater to their employees. In case a member of the team incurs injuries in your home, you won’t have to pay up the medical bills. The company’s medical cover caters to all that. The companies also have the right certifications, which acts as proof of legitimacy and superior services.


The bottom line


Residential cleaning services come with many perks. They are affordable and save a lot on detergents and other cleaning products. Most companies are reputable, and you can hire them to clean while there’s no one at home. For excellent services, …

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Preparing your Home’s Exterior for Winter

Are you ready for winter?  Before the weather gets rough and the rainy season comes to The Bay Area, take a few hours and do an exterior inspection of your home.  We live in the Oakland area and use the same renovation contractor in Oakland each year to perform a fall inspection and to make improvements to our home.

At times the weather can greatly affect the state of your home. During winter seasons, you can carry out several things to protect your home’s exterior from the worst that winter can throw at you. You should inspect roofing, rain gutters and exterior siding before winter’s rage arrives. This will ensure that your house is in good condition after the winter.

During harsh winters, rain gutters will get damaged if not properly maintained. Cleaning out the downspouts and gutters will let melting ice and snow to egress your gutter efficiently preventing overflows that can damage wood siding and decks or cause undue water to accumulate around foundations. You should water test the downspouts to ensure that they are efficiently draining. Unclear downspouts will cause your clean gutters to clog up quickly. If you own a metal roof, ensure its gutter is fastened properly to protect against ice sheets and snow that may secede from the roof to tear the gutter away from the portico board. Leaf protections including Gutter Rx or Leaf-X can shield your gutter against snow damage, since they keep the gutters clean.

Cement, Wood fibre, and composite sidings are susceptible to warping or flouring due to excessive build up of water. In case you have any of these sidings, inspect the lower siding pieces on sections above doors and windows, and walls, looking for warping or softness in the material. If you notice softness or warping, replace the boards instantly and liberally. Do not let the problem spread to other regions as this can cause a disastrous failure of the material. Lastly ensure that any material replaced is painted and sealed properly before winter strikes.

Taking a number of precautions with your roof will stop the looming danger during winter. It is very difficult to repair a leaking roof during harsh winter weather. It is recommended that you inspect the flashing around the chimneys, older skylights, and walling and roofing contact areas. These are potential areas prone to problems. Old roofs that appear to be in better shape should be resealed in some parts to extend its life. Besides, the fall is a better opportunity to clean debris from valleys and pine needles that can avert proper drainage and cause leaks.

The fall is the best time to perform an exterior inspection of your home before winter comes.  Do it while the weather is nice and before a heavy rainy season causes issues with your home.…

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5 Sustainable Practices for Decorating an Eco-Friendly Space

This is the era of sustainability and the world is finally recognizing the need for a change. Our usual means of production, consumption, and disposal are doing more harm than good to the environment. This poses a great challenge for us and the future generation. 

If you’re equally concerned about the environment, then you’d want to embrace a lifestyle that incorporates the change you desire. Luckily, it’s become easy to implement environmentally friendly practices. 

Here are some helpful tips that can legitimately transform your home into a more eco-friendly space. 

  • 5 eco-friendly home decor practices to create a more sustainable space

  • Quality over quantity

When it comes to sustainability, you want to buy fewer pieces. Buying only items made from high-quality materials is a guarantee that they’ll stand the test of time. Changing trends in the home decor industry usually encourage you to spend more on aesthetics. 

Stuck in this cycle, you’ll end up buying more and more decorative items to replace those that are no longer in vogue. Of course, this habit will take a toll on your purse plus it’s not at all eco-friendly. It’s time to let go of the disposable culture – quality wins all the time. 

  • Buy environmentally friendly materials

It’s not enough to only invest in quality, durable pieces, you have to ensure that the materials used to produce them are also sustainably sourced. You already know that wood is one of the most sustainable materials out there. 

There are many producers and artisans devoted to creating pieces that contribute favorably to the environment. Visit fermliving.us to shop for your home decor items. 

  • Incorporate more greenery

Plants are inexpensive decorations that can bring life to any space. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they help with air circulation and purification. While artificial plants can elevate the look of your home, they lack the eco-friendly character that’s required for sustainable living. 

Get palms, chrysanthemums, ferns, and other house plants that add a fresh scent and help to purify the home. Natural accents like citrus and holly would also create special effects during the holiday season.

  • Install eco-friendly lighting

Lighting is an essential component of home design and another area where you need to go green. Green bulbs are a healthier alternative to incandescent bulbs – they use up less energy, thus contributing favorably to the environment. 

Take LEDs for example. LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and do not contain mercury vapor and other toxic materials. Maximizing the natural lighting in your home can also reduce your need for artificial lighting. 

  • Recycle and donate

This isn’t a decorating tip but it’s such a good habit to embrace. Why store a bunch of items that you don’t need in your home when they could be of use to someone else? Recycling is more sustainable than throwing your stuff into a dumpster. 

Transferring the value of such items by donating is also a good way to give back to the community.…

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