The Best Solar Shade Solutions Inside and Out for 2021! - Made in the Shade

There are many benefits to installing roll-up solar screens in your home. They can reduce glare, improve privacy, and reduce energy costs. Additionally, they are cheaper than insect screens. Below are a few main benefits of installing a roll-up solar screen. 

Reduces Glare

A roll-up solar screen can provide sun protection and shade for an outdoor area. Sunlight can make porch areas and patios uncomfortable. The shades, like those offered by companies like block harmful ultraviolet rays. However, they do not offer 100% protection. 

Solar screens can also provide a measure of privacy during the day. They can be installed on the exterior of your windows. They block 90% of harmful rays before they reach the glass. This can reduce the burden on your air conditioning unit and reduce fading of furniture and drapes. Additionally, they provide excellent insect control. 

Adds Privacy

Solar screens are great for adding privacy to your home and a great way to reduce glare. You can install them anywhere to block the sun and give you more privacy. They are similar to window tints in that they block sunlight while allowing you to enjoy your view. US Custom Creations offers a variety of solar protection and shade solutions, including solar screens.

They are also easy to use and are rolled up easily. They are discreet and can be rolled up quickly when not in use. These screens last longer than traditional screens and are easy to clean. 

Reduces Energy Costs

Solar window screens are a great option for warm climates. Installing these screens will increase the value of your property while minimizing energy costs. In addition, they are a durable choice that lasts for years. 

These screens reduce energy costs by up to 30%. They can also block up to 90% of UV rays. As a result, your home will feel cooler in the summertime and warmer in winter. This means that your air conditioner will not have to work as hard.

It Is Cheaper Than Insect Screens.

Solar screens are more energy efficient and cost less to buy than insect screens. They are made of darker materials that reduce solar heat gain and filter out harmful UV rays. Bug screens are effective at preventing insects from entering a room, and they can also keep the room cooler in hot climates.

There are two main types of retractable solar screens: solar and insect screens. They differ in material construction, mesh size, and cost. Solar screens are cheaper than insect screens and are available in many colors. 

It Is Versatile

Whether you’re looking for sun protection, insect control, or privacy, roll-up solar screens are an excellent choice in exterior shade. These versatile window treatments offer a high level of performance while providing excellent airflow. They are also versatile, as they can be combined with static glare control for a multifaceted solution.

The versatility of roll-up solar screens is enhanced by the fact that most come with multiple fabric designs and colors. In addition, there are a variety of coating and fabric shine grades available to make them look beautiful. 

It Is User-Friendly

When it comes to minimizing energy costs, roll-up solar screens are an excellent option. They can reduce the inside temperature of your home by up to 90% and provide both privacy and reduced glare. Additionally, these screens will decrease the need for air conditioning, saving energy and money.

When choosing the right roll-up solar screens, it’s important to consider the device’s user-friendliness. Not only does it need to be easy to install, but it must also be durable enough to withstand years of use. In addition to being lightweight, roll-up solar screens can be customized to fit your window dimensions.