Poodles are great companion dogs. Pet owners usually look upon this breed as being something special and seldom change their allegiance to other dog breeds. As a matter of fact, the poodle’s many desirable traits have made them become one of the most famous of all pure-bred canines all over the globe.

Poodles are a versatile breed that would gladly adapt suitably to most household situations. Aside from being among the most intelligent dog breeds, they’re likewise good-natured, possess an even temperament, and enjoy human companionship. Also, they have that charming, distinctive look – Poodles are really noticeable in any crowd!

Poodle Temperament & General Characteristics

Poodles, when properly socialized, has a reliable and steady temperament. They are much loved for their intelligence, affectionate nature, and sassy, mischievous ways. They’re truly a dog breed which bonds very strongly with every member of their human family – they’re not a “one person dog”. Every poodle possesses its own distinct and unique personality – that is one of the reasons why we have become very attached to them.

Poodles are also suitable for families with young children. Because of their size, the mini poodle and standard poodle are believed to be more suitable for living with children.

When poodles are given enough puppy socialization and puppy training, they’re a fantastic addition to any household that loves dogs.

Poodles are also great students – they definitely have the smarts needed for successful house training, and they even back it up with a lot of enthusiasm as well.

Poodle pups seem to love the mental and physical stimulation that is provided by puppy obedience training. Poodle training offers the ideal outlet to channel their boundless energy in a fulfilling and generally positive manner (the other is destructive behavior). Poodle training is likewise the best way to build and strengthen the bond you would be sharing with your poodle.