7 Important Things You Should Consider When Replacing Your Roof | JR & Co.

Once you decide to get a new roof, several service providers are for you to choose from. Professional roof replacement Summerville-based services have various roofing products to choose from. Below are some things that may guide you in estimating the cost of your roof replacement project:


The main item in a roofing project estimate is the roofing material. The cost depends on the type of material you settle. Various roofing materials manufacturers have different roofing materials, hence different pricing. Based on your roofing shingle style, you should get a roof replacement quote to help you budget for the desired type and style of roofing shingles. The quote should comprise the duration of the warranty from the shingle manufacturer for your roofing materials.


Flashing is a technique that involves avoiding water from seeping under and behind the shingles. The procedure involves the use of galvanized steel or aluminum sheets used to prevent damage by water. It is essential to ensure that flashing has been installed appropriately to avoid roof damage. When embarking on a roof replacement, you will need to consider new flashing to prevent unnecessary destruction.


Underlayment must be included in your roof replacement estimate. This entails using a layer of protective materials between the shingles and plywood or roof deck. Underlayment forms the first layer in waterproofing your roofing structure. To improve installation and simplify it, roof manufacturers use reinforcement with fiberglass to avoid tearing and strengthening the underlayment.


During the roof replacement, it is the right time to consider replacing the roof gutters as well. It is advisable to request the estimate for undertaking gutter replacement from your roofing contractor. The forecast depends on the size of channels in feet, the method of construction, the material used, and the downspout size to be used to install new roof gutters. The estimate should include the cover that facilitates water flow to keep debris and leaves from causing clogging on the downspouts and gutters.

Ensure you gather the correct information before conducting a roof replacement project. The roof is a vital structure in the home as it protects you and your loved ones from harsh weather elements.