Whether you are looking for your first job ever or just need a summer gig, here are 5 easy jobs you can easily get with no experience. Should you decide to pick up a job shoveling roofs or waiting tables, mom or dad likely won’t hassle you about wasting your time anymore!

Fast Food

Picking up a job working for your local fast food restaurant is as easy as just walking in and asking. They probably have you trained and up and running within a week, and soon you’ll be on the books. The nice part about these jobs is that they are almost always super flexible, so you’ll still have plenty of time off the mess around with your friends.

Retail Store

This is another popular job with great flexibility and decent pay that can also give you valuable experience. Busy shifts will fly by while you enjoy the privileges of store discounts and the ability to socialize!

Lawn Care

Mowing lawns is perhaps the quintessential summer job for a high schooler, but for a good reason! Depending on how much you like the work, you can make a ton of money over the course of a summer, especially if you have your own clients.


Another job where you’ll be able to build your own client base is child care. One great perk about this job is that it’s almost always pretty easy and demands very little. You might even get paid “off-the-books,” meaning that you won’t have to pay taxes!

Dog Walker

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to walk dogs for money? If you love caring for pets and don’t mind playing a lot of fetch, this job might be perfect for you.

While these 5 jobs will get you started on your job search, don’t forget that asking around is also a great way to score an inside gig with a family friend or teacher.